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Laser Systems:

Quantronix 117, 150 Watt


Single-Lamp Pumped Solid-State Laser Chamber used for precision marking, engraving and
cutting Applications.


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RefCodeDescriptionQty. Required
1ORK6117O-Ring Kit for 6.35 mm Rod
2GCA117Gold Cavity Assembly, Complete
3BA117Head Block Assembly (Less Cavity Reflector, YAG Rod & Lamp Assembly)
4HBA117Head Block Assembly (Less YAG Rod & Lamp Assembly)
5CHBA6117Complete Head Block Assembly (Includes 6.35 mm Rod), Multimode
RefCodeDescriptionQty. Required
1CH117TCavity Reflector Holder, Top
2CH117BCavity Reflector Holder, Bottom
3GCE117Gold Cavity Reflector
4CM114Coolant Manifold Required for Water Fittings
5CEP114Cavity End Plate
6WIB117Water Inlet Block
7LS117Light Shield Sleeve
8ORK6117O-Ring, Silicone (Included in Kit)
9LHB117Lower Head Block
11CPP114Crystal Pressure Plate, Front
12LPP114Lamp Pressure Plate, Front
14LEP114Lamp End Plate
16UHB117Upper Head Block
17WF033Water Fitting for Coolant Manifold CM114
19YR530YAG Rod, 6.35 mm, Unmounted, Multimode
22YRA1176YAG Rod Assembly Complete, 6.35 mm Rod, Multimode
23RFT117Rod Flow Tube
25YRH11725YAG Rod Holder, 6.35 mm Rod
27PR116Pressure Ring
28RR116Retaining Ring
29CN117Crystal Nut
31ORK6117O-Ring Silicone, 6.35 mm
33PT1176Presure Tube, 6.35 mm
34LFT117Lamp Flow Tube
35LFT117CELamp Flow Tube, Cerium Doped
36LL117LLLaser Lamp, 400 Hrs
37LL749Laser Lamp, 600 Hrs
38PW149Pressure Washer
39CSA116Cathode Socket Assembly
40ASA116Anode Socket Assembly
41ORN804O-Ring Nitrile (10PCES/PKT)
42THR150Threaded Retainer
RefCodeDescriptionQty. Required
1LFT117Lamp Flow Tube, Pyrex
2LFT117CELamp Flow Tube, Ce Doped
3ASA116Anode Socket Assembly
4CSA116Cathode Socket Assembly
5D8811DI Cartridge
6LL117LLLaser Lamp, 400 Hrs
7LL117LLSLaser Lamp, 600 Hrs

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