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Laser Systems:

Trumpf Hass Multi Kilowatt Lasers, HL353D, HL556D, HL703D, HL803D HL1003D, HL1006D, HL1504D, HL2006D, HL3006D, HL4006D, 250W to 4kW


Multi-Lamp Pumped Solid-State Laser Chamber used for cutting & material processing applications.


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RefCodeDescriptionQty. Required
2GCHAASGold Cavity Assembly, Complete
RefCodeDescriptionQty. Required
1GCEHAASCavity Ellipse, Gold Plated
2CEPHAASLCavity End Plate Left
3CEPHAASRCavity End Plate Right
4CBHAASCooling Block
5LBHAASLocation Block
6WWHAASWater Way
7WP15HAASWater Pipe
8WP23HAASWater Pipe
9LGBHAASRLamp Guide Block Right
10LGBHAASLFLamp Guide Block Left Front
11LGBHAASLRLamp Guide Block Left Rear
12LFTEHAASLamp Flow Tube End
13LPPHAASLamp Pressure Plate
14RGBHAASLRod Guide Block Left
15RGBHAASRRod Guide Block Right
16RGHAASLRod Guide Left
17RGHAASRRod Guide Right
18RSHAASRod Support
19RSLSHAASLocking Screw
20FCHAASFlow Controller
21RGBFSHAASFixing Screw
22LPPFSHAASFixing Screw
23GPHAASGuide Pin
24MTPHAASMain Top Plate
25STPHAASSprung Top Plate
26RFTHAASRod Flow Tube
27LFTHAASLamp Flow Tube
28LFTHAASSLamp Flow Tube Short
31u201334N/AVarious washers
35u201346ORKHAASO-Ring Kit
47u201351N/AVarious Screws
52YR257YAG Rod, 6.35mm, Unmounted
52AYR5179YAG Rod, 5mm, Unmounted, HL803D
53YRA257YAG Rod Assembly, 6.35mm, Mounted
53AYRA5179Yad Rod Assembly, 5mm, Mounted, HL803D
54YRH257YAG Rod Holder
55LL2000Laser Lamp, Standard, 01u201304u201323u201300
RefCodeDescriptionQty. Required
1Lamp, Standard, 01u201304u201323u201300LL2000
2Lamp Flow TubeLFTHAAS
3Rod Flow TubeRFTHAAS
4Lamp Flow Tube, ShortLFTHAASS
5Protective Window, 55 u00d7 1.5 mmPW5515AR
6Protective Window, 50 u00d7 2 mmPW502AR

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