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Toshiba-Shibaura Laser System Lamps

Laser SOS provides laser lamps for a wide range of Toshiba-Shibaura Laser systems, including the Toshiba:


P8FA002,P8FA018, P8FA013B, P8FA013, P8FA019, P8FA024,
P8FC02, P8FC010, P8FC011, P8FC013, P8FC016A, P8FCO18, P8FC018D, P8FCO18F, P8FC019B
Toshiba 6240
Toshiba OTARI,
Toshiba UYH-01900, 100W laser,


Please use the enquiry table below to request price and delivery for those lamps appropriate for your system.  If you cannot locate the exact system being used or are unsure as to which lamp is appropriate please email [email protected] with the technical details of your system and the lamp specification.

Submit A Parts Enquiry

To request the price and availability of any item(s) shown above please enter the quantity required on the form below and then choose your preferred invoice currency, add your name, your company name, whether you are an OEM, distributor, or end user and finally your email address and telephone number, then press the "submit enquiry" button. We will confirm receipt of your enquiry by return.

RefCodeDescriptionQty. Required
1LL501Toshiba LAY711, 614, 631, 20A, 140-162V
2LLAY606Toshiba LAY606A, 608A
3LLAY806Toshiba LAY806
4LL95Toshiba LAY616, 618, Sharplan P8FC010
5LL114Toshiba LAY612, 6240
6LL325Toshiba OTARI, LAY791, P8FC013
7LLQCW18Toshiba LAY714, 651, 717,
8LLAY600Toshiba LAY600A, C, D
9LLAY601Toshiba LAY601, 602, 603, 619, P8FA019
10LLAY605AToshiba LAY605A
11LL4465BToshiba P8FC011, 20A, 145-155V
12LL5024Toshiba LAY729EB-5AP, 3000W P8FC016A LAY664D
1LL5092Toshiba P8FC018D,
14LL9756Toshiba P8FA002
15LL4465AToshiba P8FC011, 20A 151-155V
16LL5093Toshiba P8FC011, 20A 154-160V
17LL7760Toshiba LAY729GC
18LL6925Toshiba P8FA013B, LAY803, P8FA013
19LL9753Toshiba LAY822A/B, P8FA018
20LLXF1124Toshiba 600W LAY828HA, P8FA024
21LL5147Toshiba UYH-01900, 100W laser, P8FC019B
22LL5149Toshiba LAY688, 2kW laser, P8FC02
23LL5145Toshiba LAY75B, P8FCO18F
24LL5109Toshiba P8FC018

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