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Laser Systems:

Control Laser Script 100; Signature 100 & 512 Plus, Sahajanand Laser Hallmark, 120W Multimode.


Single-Lamp Pumped Solid-State Laser Chamber used for marking deep engraving & hall marking jewellery applications.


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RefCodeDescriptionQty. Required
1ORK512 O-Ring Kit
2GC612PLUS Gold Cavity Assembly, Complete
3BA612PLUSHead Block Assembly (Less Cavity, YAG Rod & Lamp
4HBA612PLUS Head Block Assembly (Less YAG Rod & Lamp)
5CHBA612PLUS Head Block Assembly, Complete
RefCodeDescriptionQty. Required
1HBW510Head Bolt Washer, Nylon
2HB612Head Bolt, Stainless Steel
3FIN612PLUSHeat Sink, Aluminium
4UHB612PLUSUpper Head Block
5LFT612PLUSLamp and Rod Flow Tube
7LVB612PLUSLamp V-block
9ORK512)O-Ring, Silicone (Included in Kit
10LHB612PLUSLower Head Block
12WF016Water Fitting, Head Block & Q-Switch
13ORK512 O-Ring, Silicone (Included in Kit)
14WF013Water Fitting, 3/4 u2013 16 u00d7 5/8u201d
15YR718YAG Rod, 4 mm Dia, Unmounted
16SNY632Nylon Screw, 6u201332 u00d7 1/4u201d
17HVP510 High Voltage Pin
18HVI510High Voltage Insulator (2 pces)
19ORK512 O-Ring, Silicone (Included in Kit)
21RG510Rod Guide
22REC510Rod End Cap
23ORK512 O-Ring, Silicone (Included in Kit)
24DB510Dust Boot
25YRA2700 YAG Rod Assembly, Mounted
26LSP510Lower Light Shield, Stainless
27LL6645Krypton Arc Lamp
28USP612PLUSUpper Light Shield, Stainless
29CEP510Cavity End Plate, Gold Plated
30GCE612PLUSCavity Ellipse, Gold Plated
33LCA512Lamp Clamp u2013 Not Shown
34LC510Lamp Retaining Clip, Gold u2013 Not Shown
35LLF612Lamp Lifter u2013 Not Shown
RefCodeDescriptionQty. Required
2Lamp & Rod Flow TubeLFT612PLUS
3Front Mirror 80% RMR3M80RHC
4Front Mirror 90% RMR3M90RHC
5Rear Mirror HRMR3M100RHC
6DI CartridgeD8822
7Particle FilterPF10
8Lamp V-blockLVB612PLUS

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