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Laser Lamps & I.P.L. Light Sources

Laser SOS provides solid state laser users with the largest range of retrofit flashlamps and Krypton Arc lamps available. Laser SOS is the world’s largest provider of retrofit medical laser lamps and IPL light sources. In many cases there are several laser lamps or light sources available for any given laser system. Where possible you will be provided with the lamp brand of your choice.

Lamps are continuously being improved so at all times you will be supplied with best suited for your laser system and application. We welcome your OEM enquiries.

There are hundreds of laser and IPL systems used in a very wide range of sectors, from industrial drilling and micro electronics soldering to hair removal and skin rejuvenation in beauty and aesthetics. Each of these many systems, even those produced by the same manufacturers have specialised lamps and LaserSOS is able to offer a unique range of lamps to address these many system requirements.
Please use the search box below and enter the laser system brand name for which you require a light source.

On arriving at the correct laser system page you will find the lamp enquiry table.
Scan down the list of systems named and against the system you require you will see the lamp product number. In this row, place the number of lamps you require in the grey box at the end of the row and complete the information requirements regarding your company and your contact details.

On submitting your enquiry you will receive an automated acknowledgement of your enquiry that day and normally within 2 working days a price and delivery will be provided.

If you are unsure which is the correct lamp you require, please contact [email protected] with the technical details of your system and the lamp specification and our experienced staff should identify which products are appropriate to your needs.